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Because diabetes-related complications lead to most nontraumatic lower-extremity amputations, ongoing preventive care is key to maintaining your foot health. At Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa in Olive Branch, Mississippi, Carla Martin, DPM, offers integrative diabetic foot care services, including wound prevention counseling. If you have diabetes, don’t hesitate another day to book your diabetic foot care exam online. You can also call to speak with a team member directly.

Diabetic Foot Care

How does diabetes affect my feet?

Diabetes leads to blood sugar spikes that wreak havoc on nerves, tissues, and organs. Diabetes even causes circulation problems, which is particularly concerning when it comes to your feet. 

Poor circulation means that your skin isn’t getting an adequate supply of oxygen and vital nutrients. 

Because of this, your skin dries out, cracks, and can’t properly heal, meaning wounds stay open for extended periods. This can increase your risk of dangerous infections. 

What’s worse is that nerve damage from diabetes — diabetic neuropathy — means that you might not feel that you have a wound. A cut or crack that begins as something minor can quickly evolve into something serious because you likely won’t feel it.

The purpose of visiting with a podiatrist regularly is to prevent and manage all of these issues. Building a relationship with a trusted podiatrist helps you keep your feet healthy. You also have someone to call in case of an injury or wound issue. 

When should I book a diabetic foot care appointment?

Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa encourages you to come in for annual diabetic foot care evaluations. These preventive visits include comprehensive foot and ankle exams, any necessary treatments, and counseling for home diabetic foot care. 

If you’ve had previous foot wounds or ulcers, were recently diagnosed with diabetes, or have poorly managed diabetes with frequent blood sugar spikes, more frequent foot exams are recommended. 

Outside of these routine diabetic foot care appointments, it’s important to come in to Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa if you have:

  • Visible foot wounds 
  • Nail problems, including toenail fungus 
  • Numbness, tingling, or shooting pains
  • Blood or drainage in your slippers, socks, or shoes

It’s also important to come in to Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa if you experience any changes in your skin color, such as redness or visible veins. These are signs of circulation issues, such as peripheral vascular disease (PAD), that warrant immediate medical intervention. 

What happens during a diabetic foot care exam?

Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa providers are diligent about ensuring you learn to prevent wounds and get the treatment you need quickly if wounds do occur. During your diabetic foot care exam, your podiatrist:

  • Examines your feet
  • Designs custom orthotics 
  • Removes corns or calluses 
  • Takes measurements for diabetic shoes
  • Conducts nerve and blood circulation testing
  • Treats wounds, including ingrown toenails and ulcers  
  • Talks with you about any unusual symptoms or health changes
  • Trims your toenails and shows you how to properly trim them 

Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa also proudly offers exclusive diabetic pedicures designed to thoroughly exfoliate your feet while stimulating blood flow. 

If you’re diabetic and due for a foot exam or developed a foot wound, contact Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa today. Click the online scheduling tool or call to book an appointment. 

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