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Fungal nails, which cause brittleness and yellowing, can become so severe that your toenails fall off. If you have a nail fungus infection, contact Carla Martin, DPM, at Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa in Olive Branch, Mississippi, to get started on treatment right away. Because nail fungus can be difficult to treat, the clinic offers several innovative solutions. You can book your fungal nail exam online or call the clinic to schedule by phone.

Nail Fungus

Why do I have nail fungus?

Nail fungus occurs when you come into contact with fungal organisms, which thrive in any areas that are wet, damp, and dark. Chances are, if you’ve been barefoot near a pool, in a sauna, or in a gym shower, you have come into contact with fungus.

If you’re generally healthy, your immune system can often attack and destroy those fungal organisms so you never develop a fungal nail infection. But if any of the following factors apply to you, nail fungus is more likely to develop:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Over age 65
  • Nail injuries
  • Diabetes 

Your risk of developing toenail fungus is also high if your nails are moist for extended periods. For example, if you have sweaty feet and don’t wash and thoroughly dry your feet every day, in addition to letting your shoes dry out overnight, you risk developing a nail fungus infection. 

How does a podiatrist treat nail fungus?

Since prompt medical attention is necessary to treat nail fungus and prevent it from spreading, Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa offers the latest treatment solutions. Your individualized fungal nail treatment plan might include:

  • Medicated nail polish
  • Topical antifungal ointments
  • Oral antifungal medications

Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa also offers exclusive laser fungal nail treatments. The laser instantly penetrates through your nails and destroys fungal organisms deep below. 

Laser fungal nail treatments are fast and are completed in as few as 10-15 minutes, with no downtime necessary.

How long does it take to treat nail fungus?

As effective as all of the nail fungus treatments are at Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa, it does take time for healthy new nails to grow in. 

Depending on the severity of your nail fungus infection and how quickly your nails grow, you can entirely resolve your nail fungus and have beautiful, clear nails within just a few months.

It’s important to follow your medication plan and apply topical solutions as recommended every day. If you undergo laser fungal nail treatments at Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa, you may need anywhere from 2-4 monthly sessions to experience optimal results.

You can undergo advanced nail fungus solutions at Desoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa. Get started on your treatment by booking an evaluation through the website or over the phone today. 

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